About the restaurant

Dinning at the water’s edge in Nyborg

With huge panoramic windows and a unique location on the beach, the experience starts right from the moment you enter. In our restaurant you will be overlooking the sea, wildlife and the 17 km long bridge that connects the country.

In our evocative restaurant you can enjoy both vegetarian and vegan courses created around seasonal commodities. We always take allergies into account, so that everyone can experience fine-class gastronomy.


Season menu
1 course      DKK    195,00 per. person
2 courses    DKK    250,00 per. person
3 courses    DKK    335,00 per. person
4 courses    DKK    420,00 per. person
5 courses    DKK    505,00 per. person

Wine menu
1 glas              DKK    130,00 per. person
2 glasses        DKK    190,00 pre. person
3 glasses        DKK    285,00 pre. person
4 glasses        DKK    360,00 pre. person            
5 glasses        DKK    425,00 pre. person

If you wish to see our selection and prices, you can find it in our vine menu below.

Wine Menu 2020


Created with seasonal ingredients our menus differ due to what the season and our local suppliers have to offer.

 Marts menu

Vegan menu - Winter   Vegan menu - Spring

Kids menu

Enjoy our lovely lunch buffet from Monday – Saturday. On the days where our lunch buffet is not available, you can order our todays special.

Lunch buffet with dessert and cheese cost DKK 230,00 per person.


Let us host your next party in beautiful surroundings that lives up to our values.

Presence – Staff members who is always around to help you
Gastronomy – Tasteful, fresh and local commodities
Nature – In our surroundings

Within a walking distance to the station and close to the motorway, our restaurant is very easy to access.

Party menu 2020

Let us host your wedding party 

Food with a higher meaning

Fresh, organic and in season - all our food is carefully selected, and our chefs’ have a penchant love for local products. We have the Organic Dining Label in silver, and we use organic products whenever we can. We believe when grown naturally and giving time, our ingredients will create some of the best cuisine. We always think about sustainability, which means that we avoid food waste and unnecessary import of exotic food. 

Read more about our sustainable concept and values 


Local suppliers

Our menu reflects the changing season, because we only use local suppliers. The farmland on Funen consist of rich soil which gives us world-class ingredients from the nature around us. We even grow our own herbals and vegetables, have our own apple farm and beehives which is a big part of the food we serve.  

Opening hours ind the restaurant
We are open Monday to Saturday and we recommend that you book a table in advance.

Contact the restaurant
+45 6531 4002



Monday-Friday 07.00-09.30
Saturday-Sunday 07.30-10.30

Monday-Saturday 12.00-15.00

Monday-Saturday 18.00-00.00 
(Kitchen closes at 21.00)