About the restaurant

Enjoy a gastronomical journey of the region

The restaurant at Skarrildhus is definitely worth a visit. We offer exceptional food and coziness in beautiful, rustic and historic settings. While enjoying the view of our idyllic courtyard we will serve some of the best food from around Jutland.

During the summer season you are able to dine in our courtyard among flowers and beech tress, when winter comes dinner will be served in our unique restaurant while glancing out at the bulging bonfires in the courtyard.



Season menu
Starters / Main course / Dessert       DKK 360,00 per person

We serve up to eight courses – please ask for more information

Wine menu

See our wine list below

Wine menu 2020


Our menu is created with great assiduity to finding inspiration and ingredients in the nature around us.

Our staff is used to handle allergies as; lactose intolerants, gluten allergy and shellfish allergies. But we are also aware that a lot of other allergies exist. In order to help you as much as we can, please inform us about your allergies when booking.


Let us host your next party in historic settings surrounded by beech trees. 

Surrounded by the idyllic Danish nature lies a masterpiece, that creates the perfect settings for your next party – and only 20 minutes from Herning. Our chefs create the most tasteful dishes prepared with the seasons fresh and organic ingredients.  

Let us inspire you.


Food with a higher meaning

Fresh, organic and in season - all our food is carefully selected, and our chefs have a penchant love for local products. We have the Organic Dining Label in Silver - and we use organic products whenever we can. We believe when grown naturally and giving time, our ingredients will make up some best meals. We think about sustainability all the time, which means that we avoid food waste and unnecessary import of exotic food.  

Locally grown food

Our relation to the food we serve is important, and that is why we only use commodities produced locally. We know where all our commodities come from – and that is what makes it special. It creates a lot of extra work and we can never be sure of what we get. But at the same time, we know that what we receive from our local suppliers is exceptional and from that we can create extraordinary courses. That is something we would never do without. 

We often meet and talk with our suppliers and the people who care for our ingredients – we believe it creates a special connection and presence. That presence we put into our food and the experience you get when visiting Skarrildhus - whether you are a hotel guest, attending a conference or joining a party.  

Our chefs are not limited to work within the kitchen. The whole area is in use, because it is here, we find our distinctive character and special qualities. Our chefs are diligent guests in our garden, the forest, in the stable and in the fields, so they make sure that you are served some of the best food our area can offer.

We love and respect food. Whether it's wild mushrooms, honey from our own hives, herbs from the forest floor, our own beer or fresh greens from the garden we love every single part of it.

Opening hours in the restaurant

We are open Monday to Friday, and we recommend that you book ahead. 

Contact the restauranten
9719 6233




Monday - Friday: 07.00-09.30
Saturday: 07.30-10.00
Sunday: 07.30-10.30

Monday - Friday: 12.00-14.00

Monday - Saturday 18.00-00.00 
(Kitchen closes at 20.00)