Nature has the final word

Something very special about our six hotels is the location: All of them are beautifully situated in nature. By the water or in the middle of the wood. You see, we know that surroundings like that create the best prerequisites for learning, growing and developing.

We have chosen every day to give more back to nature and each other than we take. Hotel business has a large negative impact on our climate and environment but we will not sit and look passively while the will to think and act more sustainably is making slow progress.

We have decided to do as nature tells us and let it have the final word. So, we're in the process of developing a conference and hotel experience that affects the climate as little as possible while offering a huge amount of good, educative and memorable experiences.

We will not exploit nature. We strive to find solutions that respect nature and help it blossom again. Our position on who we're dealing with is very clear. We want to cook food from local ingredients, preferably organic too. Herbs and vegetables can be grown in our own gardens. We separate our waste and reuse as much as possible. And it is our ambition to be carbon positive in 2030.

This is how we create the conference and hotel experience of the future. We take care of nature to keep it as beautiful and rewarding as it is today. We will help each other, inspire each other, work jointly and grow together. We believe that we can make a difference if we learn from the interaction of nature.

In the slider below you can read about some of our focus areas.

Nature says: less CO2, please

At Sinatur, we believe that it is beneficial to be outside in nature as much as possible. That's why all our hotels are placed as beautifully as they are. And that's why we enclose nature in our offer to you. But it wouldn't make sense to send you out to get some fresh air if we didn't work to keep the air fresh. So, we constantly reduce our carbon footprint e.g. by gathering our purchases and reducing the number of shipments. We only use power from windmills and in 2030, we will not only be carbon neutral, but carbon positive.

Nature says: reuse as much as possible

At Sinatur, we believe in consuming less. For our own sake and for nature's. We do not throw anything away without checking if we can somehow reuse or recycle it. Mostly we can. Left food goes to the compost or the pigs. When we use plastic, it will be sorted and reused. As a matter of fact, we already reuse 72% of all our garbage and we're proud of it. But our ambition is even higher: In 2030 we will be able to do business without producing any waste at all.

Nature says: Don't waste food

At Sinatur, we relate in a special way to food. And to the nature that produces the food. We always cook according to the seasons and we primarily use local ingredients. We make a virtue not to waste any ingredients. One fine example are the leek tops we transform to delicious chips, leek salt and leek oil instead of throwing them away. And do you know what the best part is? If you leave some of your food we'll send it to the compost or the pigs in the field. It will not be wasted but will be part of nature's orbit again.

Nature says: let it grow

In Sinatur, we love organics – even though we sometimes choose to do without it for the sake of nature. For example, we prefer to buy our ingredients locally and not from overseas. Both the climate and the local environment benefit from that decision and so do the local and very skilled food manufacturers. Fortunately, we're mostly able to choose organic when we buy local ingredients and we do not care if the carrot is crooked and the cucumber curved. Thanks to this dedicated approach to organics we were the first Danish hotel chain to be awarded with the Organic Cuisine Label in bronze and recently, as the first again, in silver. This means you can be sure that 60-90% of all our food and beverages are organic.

Nature says: The more, the bigger the difference

At Sinatur, we will do as much as we can to keep nature as beautiful as it is now. We buy local ingredients of benefit to the climate and the local environment. We constantly struggle to reduce our carbon footprint and reuse as much of our garbage as possible. And in 2030 we will be carbon positive and without any waste at all. But we can't do it without you. So, if we act as if we'd like you to bring home more than a good experience, you're not mistaken. We will very much like to show you how incredible our nature is and how we can take better care of it. Together.

We have come a long way

Sustainable results have whetted our appetite

Our ambitious 2030 goals are by no means taken out of the blue. For years, we have been working on a sustainable business in a non-sustainable world. Now, we take a step further: We do not just want a sustainable business. We want a world that is sustainable for everybody. And for nature. Here's a list of some of the efforts we've made since Sinatur was founded as a hotel chain in 2007:

  • As the first Danish hotel chain, we were awarded with the international eco-label Green Key
  • As the first Danish hotel chain, we received the Organic Cuisine Label in bronze and, six years later, in silver
  • We reduce the number of shipments to our hotels
  • We only use power from windmills and our own solar cell panels
  • Our heat sources are climate friendly, e.g. our own pellet boilers
  • We separate our waste and already reuse 72%
  • We reduce our waste of food
  • We shop locally and serve less meat and more vegetables
  • We use LED lighting
  • There are free charging stations for electric cars at all our hotels.
We hope to inspire you with our approach to nature and all the Sinatur employees will be happy to share our knowledge and ambitions with you. Please feel free to ask!