This can take the form of physical activities and mental challenges that generate a team spirit and build relationships. Going through something unique together and experiencing each other in new roles promotes teamwork and communication.

A few options

  • Jump in a canoe or a kayak and learn to master the difficult art of balance and coordination. This activity is sure to bring a smile to the faces of your guests.
  • Go on a modern-day treasure hunt using GPS coordinates and handheld GPS receivers.
  • Try going on an expedition where the goal is to headhunt each other’s members. Devise the best plan and solve tasks that demand a high degree of cooperation.
  • Create an activity day focusing on positive experiences, fun or mental and physical challenges. The day is divided into three levels so that everyone feels challenged, irrespective of ability.
  • Go on a fishing trip and give yourself an unforgettable experience in scenic surroundings. You stand a good chance of catching a fish. Afterwards, you can cook your catch over the fire or on the barbeque.
  • Try your hand at archery, axe throwing, horse riding and off-roading.
  • These options are available at several of our hotels.

Events and relationship building

If you want not only to prioritise efficiency but promote relationship building among your participants, spice up your meeting with an event. We offer a wide range of creative suggestions.

Each of our six hotels offers a wide range of events aimed at building relationships and providing inspiration for body and soul in the great outdoors. Below we have listed a few of them. They can be included as breaks or end-of-day activities. There is also the option of enjoying an entire day of teambuilding activities. Here are some of our suggestions.

  • Go on a picnic. We prepare a delicious picnic basket so that you and your colleagues can enjoy being in the outdoors.
  • Try a cake bake-off, where the main ingredients are imagination, dexterity and cooperation.
  • Go sailing. We prepare a delicious picnic basket so that you can get the most out of your trip.
  • We get the barbeque going and create your very own outside ‘restaurant’.
  • We build a fire to provide the perfect cosy evening setting. Enjoy a hot toddy or cocoa and bake bread twists over the embers.
  • Try a ‘Walk and Taste’ lunch, where we serve specialities at selected outdoor stop-off points.
  • Hold a meeting or eat lunch in the altogether different rustic setting of a barn with mountains of woodchip.
  • Enjoy a round of champagne tasting before lunch.
  • Take a trip on horse-drawn cart to the local brewery and learn about the art of beer brewing.
  • Try a refreshing juice tasting session with homemade juice smoothies for body and soul. Learn how different combinations of vegetables, fruits and herbs work.
  • Jump on your mountain bike and explore the great outdoors.
  • Join our chef as he gathers herbs for the kitchen from our very own kitchen garden.
  • Go on a sailing trip. We organise tailor-made trips in the immediate area with local guides.
  • Try your hand at team building. We collaborate with professional teambuilding event organisers, Fieldmore.

Contact the sales team

We are always ready to help you with your meeting or conference and more than happy to spar with you, when you need inspiration for your meeting.

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The organic
food label

We are the first hotel chain in Denmark to receive the bronze organic food label, which guarantees that our kitchens use 30–60% organic ingredients.

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